Case Studies

Below are just a handful of successful campaigns with earlier clients. Read on for further information or play any of the games mentioned in each case. Enjoy!

Gamify has partnered with some of the largest marketing companies in the World to produce games for brands such as KFC, RedBalloon & Nissan amongst over 9,700 other businesses ranging from corporations to local businesses.

Showing that Gamify not only delivers but that no job is too big or too small.

Companies we have proudly helped

How a small Donut shop in Sydney, Australia used gamification to increase organic social shares and their email database by 581%.

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KFC Japan used Gamify to get over 850,000 plays and over 600 hours playtime to promote a new product faster than ever before.

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See how a popular online brand gained a better understanding of their Database through "Engage and Reward" Gamification and some friendly competition.

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Wendy's has used Gamify on multiple marketing campaigns to change buyer behaviour and educate customers on new products.

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Pita pit was looking to engage new customers and promote its sponsorship and partnership with "The Block NZ".

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How a popular car brand used gamification at a sporting event to build awareness around their Intelligent Mobility technology.

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