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What is Gamification?

Gamification is the process of integrating game mechanics into a pre-existing system, product or service in order to motivate users to achieve a task.

Gamification is performing at its peak when it taps into principles of motivational science in order to transform menial tasks into an engaging experience. When you Gamify high-value interactions with customers, employees, and partners, you drive more sales, stronger collaboration, better ROI, deeper loyalty, higher customer satisfaction and more.

How advergaming works

Whether your Advergame succeeds or fails will depend on how well you know and target your audience. You need to understand what your customers need to know from you and what kind of game would peak their interest.
Set Goals

Is your Advergame designed for the purpose of educating clients on a new product or service? Creating hype around the brand? Selling more units of a product or simply creating awareness? Having one clear priority helps give the campaign direction.

Create Game
Whether you build the game through our Pro Tool or we make a game for you. Having all your research and goals pre-planned, along with our quick turnaround platform will make for a quick game construction.
Promotional Material
Having an array of promotional material made and ready for the campaign will ensure that you get the best results possible.
Run Campaign

With a finished game, established rewards & goals, a content calendar and a set timeline in place. The fun times are ready to roll.

Monitor activity levels while consistently promoting the duration of the campaign.

End Campaign
Diligently hand out rewards to game winners and participants, notify your customer base of the conclusion of your Advergame, record all data captured from the duration of the campaign

Measure your results alongside your set goals, organise your newly established database and plan your next marketing campaign push around the information gathered.

How gamification marketing can assist in a successful campaign


High Engagement

When it comes to engagement with customers, most game campaigns have successfully achieved an average rate of 85-90% with their audience. If a company wants to promote its product or brand through gamification marketing, they can expect to see an increase in brand association, sales and consumer database.


Improved Conversion Rates

If your game is interesting, fun, and engaging, with a parallel of strong promotional marketing alongside it, it can generate a return of good conversion rates, repeat customers and organic social shares.

Gamification can increase purchaser intent comparatively from standard video adverts by 169%.



Due to a skyrocket in everyday technological advancement in the last decade, the use of multiple devices is now commonplace.

Multiplatform conversion of branded mini-games is an effortless afterthought for this already outstanding marketing enhancer.


Sharable/Social media friendly

The beauty of our game software being structured around HTML5 means the games can be easily shared across your various social media channels with simple links and embedded play buttons. Social Media channels are the best environments to cultivate a competitive and social buzz around your campaign and brand.


GDPR Aligned Data Capture

Our games can help you collect the information you’re looking for in a GDPR friendly way.

Any post game entry of information from a user regarding leaderboards and reward redemption is all done well within the guidelines of the new GDPR structure.



Gamification marketing is not only super accessible for consumers but also the cheapest it has ever been for marketing agencies. Thanks to Gamify’s award winning software platform, agencies can create an entire game, marketing guide and campaign timeline for a fraction of both the cost and time of a traditional marketing campaign.

How we’ve helped our clients


A month-long campaign ran by a fast food chain in New Zealand, that successfully engaged thousands of unique players and over 29,000 plays.


Unique players


Completion Rate


Total Plays


Organic Social Shares

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