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Make a Game in 3 Easy Steps!

Make a game in minutes, not months


Designing and building a game has never been easier with our code-less game maker, Gizmo



Outline, Plan and Launch your very own gamified marketing campaign all within our software.



Follow all Data & Analytics from a live campaign, with our easy-to-read UI.

Are you a Marketing Agency? We've made a tool just for you. Gizmo was built from the ground up as the best platform to create & manage your own gamification marketing campaigns. Whether you have one client or many, Gizmo can handle the load. Start building positive brand association today. Make games that users will enjoy!


A Game Studio in your browser

Make advergames without programming - Gizmo’s game creator has the tools you need, all included and easy to learn. Everything is stored online, so sharing your games is simple. Make games that you can launch and monitor through Gizmo’s UI.


Great for Marketing Agencies

Gizmo is being used all over the world to internally introduce game design & development to creative teams. Designing and building themed games is also a fun and positive way to get customers engaging with branded material.


From Ideas to Reality

Now you have a fast and efficient way to quickly build and launch gamified marketing campaigns across iOS & Android devices, PCs, Macs, Touchscreens and more.



Nothing to download, install, or maintain. Simply create an account login and create games online.


No Coding Required

The game template library in Gizmo lets you start customising your game without the need for coding. Launch your advergame in minutes, not months


Optimised for Any Device

Publish your gamified marketing campaigns to run anywhere, including webpages, social posts, and emails.

Get started with Tutorials

Creating Video Game Artwork

We all love the artwork behind some of our favourite video games. We'll show you how to upload and create great artwork for video games for use within Gamify's Gizmo Tool.

Create a Video Game Campaign

Ever wondered how to make a video game? We'll show you how to customise your own mobile video game without coding, for your very own Mobile Video Game Campaign using Gamify's game maker online.

How to Track Your Campaign

Here we'll show you how to track your gamification campaign in Gizmo's User Interface. With Gizmo, Marketing Agencies and Game Studios can quickly create branded video games for their clients. 

Gamify has worked tirelessly to provide not one, not two, but three gamification platforms that make creating games easier for users. There’s no need for a full-time game developer to be a part of your team, or to have a professional show you how to make a video game. All that is required is an understanding of creative suites such as Illustrator or Photoshop and you’re on your way.

Gizmo is an easy-to-use HTML5 game engine software designed for marketing agencies, but, Gamify has also developed an App integration for both the WIX & Shopify stores to help DIY site owners and eCommerce stores attract more site traffic. Make your own games without the need to code every detail.

These games can be played on any device, converting from desktop to mobile games. If you're wondering how to build a game, simply select a game from the library, add your own unique designs & branding, and then launch & track your campaign, it’s that simple!