The Best Gamification Software 2021

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Whether it be to improve customer loyalty, sales, enterprise, mobile app marketing, or gamified learning, we have a list of the 5 best Gamification softwares of 2021.

The Gamification Software in this Article include:

  1. Influitive

  2. LevelEleven

  3. Centrical

  4. Gizmo

  5. Archy Learning

What is Gamification Software?

Gamification software uses gaming mechanics in a non-gaming environment to engage participants and build team unity. A gamification software strategy can vary and may include user engagement, customer loyalty, internal or external eLearning, and performance management.

Gamification tools and gamified elements can be found in many other types of software. The following vendors offer stand-alone gamification software or gamification add-ons to ERP and other business software.

Why you should use gamification software and gamified elements

Whether we acknowledge it or not, Gamification is now a part of our everyday lives. By harnessing the entertaining aspects of games, gamification technology offers organisations a solution to their engagement problems.

According to Daniel Pink’s book Drive, it’s important for individuals to feel autonomy over their work, mastery over the concepts they apply every day and a purpose for getting the job done. 

Gamification can make employees feel connected with each of these concepts individually or any combination of them.

  • Autonomy: Employees who engage in gamified training modules have power over their own success. They can choose the pace of their learning and their own engagement with it, which ultimately makes them more engaged.

  • Mastery: As employees move through training modules, they learn concepts and skills they need to complete their job. Each badge they receive for a completed module or certificate they earn for finished courses only affirms the sense of mastery.

  • Purpose: Many employees will complete training for intrinsic reasons—they want to learn in order to do their jobs better. Other employees may need extrinsic motivations like badges, certificates, or even physical and monetary rewards for their training.

Of course, these same concepts can work for customer gamification also. These tools often aim to build the positive brand association customers experience when they earn a special prize.

#1 Influitive (Customer Service & Loyalty Solutions)

Influitive allows you to build a community and invite customers to complete activities: product reviews, shares, social media posts, and more. As customers complete these activities, they earn points, badges, and levels to redeem perks and privileges, these are all efforts to increase employee engagement.

#2 LevelEleven (Sales Gamification & Solutions)

LevelEleven is a sales activity management platform designed to help hammer down the basic behaviours of a sales business. By tracking each day’s sales with scores in mind, the software helps focus new sales employees and get them on board with the rest of the sales team.

 as well as give visibility to performance to current team members.

The software takes a gamified approach to manage the daily, weekly and monthly goals of individuals to help increase sales.

Primary features of LevelEleven include sales behaviour analytics, historical trends, real-time leaderboards, agent analytics, agent scorecards, peer-to-peer comparison, sales campaign management, automated emails and updates in users' client relationship management systems.

#3 Centrical (Enterprise Solutions)

Through the use of gamification, microlearning, and employee performance management, Centrical aims to help companies achieve growth and business success.

Centrical’s management software tracks real-time and relevant KPI’s for employees to help teams achieve their performance metrics. With a leaderboard system that you can build to your own liking, it’s easy to see an employee’s success. With visual data being displayed it’s easy to celebrate successes and identify areas of improvement.

#4 Gizmo (Marketing Solutions)

Gizmo is a gamification platform that was developed by the team at Gamify as a user-friendly solution for marketing campaigns.

While gamification marketing continues to grow in popularity, the appeal for seasonal campaigns has increased also. Gamify created a software system that equips marketing agencies with the tools to internally build and develop their own video game marketing campaigns that help with increased engagement.

Gizmo’s user interface allows for any users that know creative suites such as Photoshop or Illustrator to create, launch and monitor an entire gamification marketing campaign.

#5 Archy Learning (Game-based Learning Solutions)

Learning & teaching is an age-old practice in life that never stops, so why not make it as engaging as possible?

Archy Learning set out not just to create another online learning platform, but to connect anyone in the world to education no matter what they want to teach or learn.

Archy aims to cater to a variety of learning styles for the best results, including gamification elements.

Archy is built for both the general public and for connecting directly into educational institutions. schools, to work alongside all the teachers in the world to help guide and monitor their classroom's learning journey.

Postharvest is a great example of using gamified eLearning courses to educate and up-skill their audience.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons to promote a healthy work & learning environment. By creating gamified systems, they help keep teams, customers, students, and users accountable for their input while motivating them to work efficiently, quickly, and with quality.

If you’d like to know more about how Gamification can help enhance your practices, reach out today.

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Get 30% off Gizmo for the next 6 months!

Get 30% off Gizmo for the next 6 months!