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Welcome To Our Game Library

Do you have an upcoming campaign that could be enhanced through Gamification?

Read up on the history of our game templates by our awesome team and their proven target markets & demographics, along with playing any of the available games in the library, in order to help you gain an understanding of which game would work best for your next marketing push.

Try Out Our Games Below


Add matching numbers to build up to the goal of 10, be careful not to fill the puzzle screen! The more additions you make, the higher your score will be.

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Desk Manace

Drift your way around your office desk in a mini street racer. Collect as many tokens but watch out for the explosives! 

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Hop Jump

You've fallen down a canyon! The only way out is to hop your way to the top. Timing and balance is everything in Hop Jump.

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Your classic bowling game. Bowl as many strikes as possible to achieve the perfect game! The perfect game for redesign and rebranding.

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Stick Soldier

In a game of timing and patience, Stick Soldier is a challenge in getting your stranded soldier to safer ground!

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Fruit Chef

Sharpen your knife, it's slicin' time! Slice up all the flying fruit for a high score. A fun and addictive game, perfect for redesigning and rebranding.

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Fruit Master

Create your own fruit smoothies in the funnest way possible, by dashing through your fruit with daggers!

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Greedy Rabbit

Play through a mystical puzzle world as a curious and peckish rabbit. Hob through each obstacle and collect stars, carrots and points

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Ginger Ninja

Santa's out of action with the flu, so he's entrusted his most skilled Gingerbread Ninja to deliver all his presents and save Christmas. Problem is, pigeons have developed a taste for gingerbread!

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Swipe Balls

Defend yourself against the out of control netballs! See how long you can stay in the game in Swipe Balls.  

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Find all the matching cards in the deck. A great game for rebranding and creating a sense of memory associated with your brand.

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Kite Kittens

Fly through the sky as a kitten strapped to a kite and collect all the cotton balls! Keep a watch on those storm clouds though.

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Dunk Shot

A real test of coordination. Aim & shoot your way to the top in Dunk Shot. The higher you get the more points you gain to upgrade your kit! 

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Jumper Frog

A take on the classic Frogger game - get your frogs from one side of the road to the other during rush hour!

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Candy Monster

Align atleast 3 matching candies to knock them off the board, match up 5 to power up.

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The classic boredom buster. Design and create your own branded version of the timeless classic - solitaire.

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4 Letters

The ultimate brain challenge. Make as many four letter words from the puzzle to keep time from running out! 

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Bubble Buster Game

Dislodge clustered groups of items descending from the top of the screen by firing a matching object into a grouping of 3 or more.

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Glass Glow

In a classic arcade style, Glass Glow is a timing and coordination challenge. Burst through the barrier of glass by deflecting the ball.

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Snake Game

Direct a snake to eat the fruit in order to grow, while also managing not to tangle him up or crash into the perimeter.

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Pop Shots

Sink as many baskets as you can against the clock. But keep an eye on that moving backboard!

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Knife Ninja

Aim and throw! Knife Ninja is the ultimate timing challenge. The more knives you sink into your target the higher your points go.

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Pumpkin Smasher Game

The evil pumpkins are flying all over the place - simply tap or swipe them to smash them! You can’t miss any of them!

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Aliens Attack Game

Earth is under attack by extra terrestrials! Stock up on ammo, lock n load and get ready to save mankind from certain domination

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Video Quiz Game

Race against the clock to answer all of the multiple choice questions laid out for you by the game host.

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Football Free Kicks

Test your skills against the goal keeper with Football Freekicks.

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Looney Roonks Game

Match these little monsters up into three to save them from falling off the end of the cliff. They're a bit silly!

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Aerial Flight

In a classic arcade style, fly your jet and fight your way through your enemies in the sky! 

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Filled Glass

The idea is simple. Aim and fill your glass but do your best not to overfill. An oddly satisfying game that will keep you challenged.

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Flatcat Christmas

Fly through the air and try your best not to collide into the obstacles. The long you survive in the game, the higher your points.

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"We've loved working with Gamify on two of our campaigns. Their ProTool provided in-depth analytics and total control of our game, it's the perfect companion to any marketing campaign!" 


Real-Time Leaderboard

An in-store display of the current game leaderboard to help garner interest and build competition.


Tracking + Analytics

Recording and monitoring user analytics, in order to track campaign success.


QR Code Game Triggers

Quick scan icons that transform promotional material into becoming ready-to-play points.

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