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Build an
Without Coding

Make a game in minutes, not months

Pricing & Plans

Pay monthly or pay annually and receive 15% off


$49/ month

Game Customisation
Customise 1 game per month in our library with your own assets.

Control every aspect of your campaign even if it’s live. From pausing to customising screen elements, it's all under control.

Social Share:
From Facebook to Linkedin, view exactly how many socials shares your client campaign has and where it’s most popular.

Set Start and End Dates:
Control exactly when your campaigns go live and for how long they run.

Gamify any website:
Our iframe design allows you to easily integrate your game campaign into any website page.

Sharable Game URLs:
Quickly share your campaign game from your dashboard

Dashboard View:
Get a snapshot over all your campaigns and stats from the Gizmo Campaign Dashboard


$79 / month

Everything in Simple plus: 

Game Customisation
Customise 2 games per month for one client in our library with your own assets.

Custom Profiles
All your users under one roof, customise your user profile to suit you and your brand.

Custom Top Level URLs
Set your game under it’s own Top Level Domain name

Mailchimp Integration
Create Mailchimp audiences directly from your game campaigns, making automated emails a breeze!

Webhooks Integration
Connect Gizmo to hundreds of apps. Automate where your player data goes and what you do with it with the use of Webhooks, directly integrated in Gizmo.

Customise Profile
Customise your company profile to suit you and your brand

Manage your team
Team Management makes it easy to control permissions, access and campaign volume


$99 / month

Everything in Pro plus: 

Game Customisation
Customise up to 7 games per month in our library with your own assets.

Multiple Campaigns
Run multiple campaigns all under one roof. From 1 to 7 campaigns all at once.

Manage your clients
Setup multiple companies and manage their campaigns all in one place.

Welcome to Gizmo

We've built a tool just for you. Gizmo was built from the ground up as the best platform to create & manage your own advergame campaigns. Whether it's for your brand or you have multiple clients, Gizmo's your secret weapon. Start building your own advergame in minutes, not months.


Launch & Manage Multiple Campaigns 

Easily run multiple game campaigns for your clients all at once. With Gizmo, managing multiple brands is a breeze. 


Incentivise Gameplay with Rewards and Prizes

Everyone loves to win. Create unique incentives for your campaigns with our voucher distribution and learboards.


Create Mailchimp Audiences

Quickly create Mailchimp Audiences and begin re-marketing directly from your user entries.


Stripe Payments Accepted

Biling shouldn't be hidden under a rock. Payment is kept clean and simple with our Stripe integration.


Positive Brand Association

Traditional digital marketing often fails to leave your audience with a positive brand association. Create immersive, addictive and rewarding game campaigns that audiences will associate with your client's brand. In addition, you'll be able test & finely tune your campaigns in real time. No more boring ads!


Boosted Engagement

Boost your customer engagement with a gamified marketing campaign. On average our clients see 82% engagement rate throughout their campaigns across their major social channels!


Click-through Rate

The average click-through rate on a Google Search ad is 1.91%. Through custom games, your customer click-through will see a dramatic increase through the use of our incentives module and player leaderboards. Our past clients saw an average of 58% click-through rate during their campaigns.


Mailchimp Audiences

We've made it super easy for you to create Mailchimp audiences directly out of your customer campaigns!


Gamify Every Marketing Campaign

Let's face it, games are fun. And when it comes to marketing your client's product or service, traditional often fall short. Adding custom branded games into your offering will be a game-changer.

*Pun intended.



"We've loved working with Gamify on two of our campaigns. Gizmo provided in-depth analytics and total control of our game, its the perfect companion to any marketing campaign!" 


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