Why Gamification Marketing isn't just the “Next Big Thing”

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Most digital marketing these days is implemented through websites, direct mail and various social network streams, however we’re always looking for the ‘Next Big Thing’ in campaign marketing, something to set our brand apart from other brands in order to stand out to our customer base.

Gamification Marketing, a term which was once being treated as a flash in the pan trend, may have had a shaky start but has since found it's legs and has gone on to become the fastest and best ROI (return on investment) for marketing campaigns currently in 2018.

What is Gamification Marketing?

Gamification Marketing is when a brand uses a popular game template to promote a new product or service while offering attainable rewards that have proven to be used, valued and shared more so in comparison to generic handouts other traditional means of advertising often tag onto the end of their campaigns.

We all know that the use of mobile devices isn’t just becoming a common practice among people of all ages but rather a strongly incorporated tool in all facets of our day-to-day lives and that gaming statistics have only increased alongside mobile usage. With over 87% of Australian’s playing video games approximately three times a week (average age of an Australian gamer being 35 with 52% being male and 48% female). With the help of gamification marketing, companies can reach this market and grow their sales and revenue by meeting their customer’s where their interest and attention is already being invested.

3 reasons why Gamification Marketing has become so important

There are 3 pillars in the reasoning behind why gamification marketing is currently seeing such exponential growth in it’s usage:

1) Accessibility

The ever-growing use of mobile devices is playing a pivotal role in making gaming ubiquitous. We’ve never had more accessibility to devices which provide gaming streams than we do right now. The abundant use of mobile devices across all ages and demographics only increases the importance of gamification marketing being implemented now more than ever.

2) Excitement

Games are known to build excitement around a product, through gamification marketing consumers associate entertainment, victory and rewards with a brand, along with the product awareness that is woven into the campaign. With the excitement build around an earned reward, users are 7 times more likely to value and use said reward over a generic handout.

3) Strong Ratings

Compared to video advertisements, games have been recorded to have a 181% higher click-through rate to proceeding webpages along with customers being 2.2 times more likely to enter their details at the end of a game. This means that brands can promote themselves through gamification marketing and achieve set objectives, knowing full well that they’ll have trackable analytics.


How can mobile gaming be used as a marketing channel?

With proper marketing, brands can utilise the gaming industry like never before, an example of this could be if you have a branded Pizza restaurant and you wish to grow your sales, especially in the delivery service aspect. Instead of spending a lot of your marketing budget on traditional channels, you could instead launch your own branded pizza delivery themed game, one with prize incentives geared towards the delivery service. Through both the game’s imagery and functionality, along with the prizes all relating back to the delivery branch of your business, you are cultivating change in the buyer’s behaviour. Creating such a buzz around your brand with attainable rewards incorporated into a heavily themed game can redirect the paths of buyer behaviour from the campaign onwards. This is a true ROI.


5 ways gamification marketing can assist in a successful marketing campaign?

Gamification is a strong enhancer for marketing campaigns, there are numerous examples of successful gamification campaigns out there, the reason for their success is strongly tied to each case hitting each of these listed points:

1) High Engagement

When it comes to engagement with customers, most game campaigns have successfully achieved an average of around 85-90% with their audience. If a company wants to promote its product or brand through gamification marketing, they can expect to see an increase in brand association, sales and consumer database.

2) High Conversion Rates

If your game is interesting, fun, and engaging with strong promotional marketing, it can cultivate the generation of good conversion rates, repeat customers and organic social shares.

3) Affordability

Traditional marketing can be both expensive and time consuming. Large amounts of marketing budgets not only go into the production of such campaigns but also the resources regarding tracking analytics, purchasing airtime and so on. This is where gamification marketing becomes more than handy, cutting down on both regular expenses and turnaround time.

Gamification marketing is not only super accessible for consumers but also the cheapest it has ever been for marketing agencies, thanks to Gamify’s award winning software platform, they can create an entire game, marketing implementation guide and campaign timeline for a fraction of both the cost and time of a traditional marketing campaign.

4) Multiplatform

Due to a skyrocket in everyday technological advancement in the last decade, Multiplatform conversion of branded mini-games is an effortless afterthought of an already outstanding marketing enhancer.

5) Social Media Friendly

Like all things that have an online component to them these days, Gamification Marketing has an avenue for social sharing, whether that be to challenge your friends in a game or simply to boast about your achievements.

The best marketing for any company is a happy customer that shares their joys with other people. Consumers are found to be much more receptive to feedback from other consumers over branded promotion.


Why Choose Gamify?

Gamify are the world leaders and the only Gamifcation company that offers a guarantee on;

  • The best return on investment or your money back

  • The lowest price, matching any quote on the market for a Basic, Standard or Premium Game.

  • The fastest turnaround time for game construction, from drafts through to campaign launch.

Fill out the information field below this article in order to get in contact with one of the Gamify staff and see why international brands, all the way through to local businesses all choose to collaborate with Gamify.

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Get 30% off Gizmo for the next 6 months!

Get 30% off Gizmo for the next 6 months!