The 10 Best Gamification Blogs to Follow For Gamification Trends 2021

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

If you’re at all like us here at Gamify, we love to keep up with the latest news and trends within the world of Gamification. Which is why we’ve put together a quick list of our personal picks for the best Gamification blogs to follow in 2021.

This list is in no particular ranking order, each entry on this list brings different elements and approaches to the varied topics that come under the umbrella of Gamification. We’ve attempted to compile a list of blogs that cover everything from Gamification in Business, through to Health motivators and Marketing practices.

With that being said, let's get into these gamification website examples.

  1. Gamify

  2. Gamification Nation

  3. Growth Engineering

  4. Yu-Kai Chou

  5. OJOO

  6. Gamelearn

  7. Bi Worldwide

  8. Venture Beat

  9. eLearning Feeds

  10. Centrical

#1 Gamify

Posts between 2-3 articles a week

Blog Page:

As much as doing a plug for our own blog isn’t our style, we genuinely love the articles that we’re putting out.

Gamify is a company that specialises predominately in Gamification Marketing, however, they have endeavoured to be a hub of information for all things gamification, covering a varied range of topics from the ‘psychology behind gamification’ to 'productivity apps', ‘technology trends in eLearning’ and everything in-between.

Their topic range is varied and their article-length digestible. Plus the blog just looks nice, which is refreshing compared to some of the other industry blogs out there.

Learn about all things game design, game mechanics, and game-based marketing.

#2 Gamification Nation

Posts between 2-3 articles a week

Blog Page:

Much Like Gamify, Gamification Nation contributes to blog posts that cover a range of topics that fall under the umbrella of gamification, with examples like ’how to gamify your productivity’ and ‘Gamification for diversity and inclusion’.

Being a company that provides gamification design for businesses, Gamification Nation has struck a healthy balance between posting content relevant to their field while also posting general interest articles.

#3 Growth Engineering

Posts about 2 articles a month

Blog Page:

Growth Engineering, having a software platform that helps businesses improve performance, motivation and learning with both employees and partners, in-turn also has a blog that is strongly geared towards Business Gamification, mostly targeting how to apply gamification to increase performance practices.

Examples include ‘Three challenges facing behaviour change’ and ‘How to Motivate your learners with rewards’.

#4 Yu-Kai Chou

Posts about 1 article a week

Blog Page:

Yu-Kai Chou is a leading authority in gamification and the creator of the ‘Octalysis Framework’, a diagram that helps breakdown the human-focused motivators that prompt individuals into performing a task.

Yu-Kai’s content varies from breaking down his own studies and material, such as ‘Octalysis – the complete Gamification framework’ and then providing case study examples like in, ‘8 Education Gamification Examples for Learning Sprints’.

One of the strongest aspects of Yu-Kai’s content is his ability to run subject matter such as marketing strategies through the filter of his framework, showing off any strong points, blindspots and bottom lines that need to be addressed.

#5 Ojoo

Posts about 1 article a month

Blog Page:

Ojoo specialises in interactive videos which can be used to enhance advertising, learning, training and so on. Their broad approach to gamification makes their content equally as open, covering topics like ‘7 key gamification elements to one-up your business goals’ and ‘5 gamification theories to level up your business success’.

However, be mindful that their topics tend to be rooted in touchscreens and interactive video applications which can feel limiting after a while.

#6 Gamelearn

Posts about 1 article a week

Blog Page:

An eLearning platform that creates interactive games to help assist in data comprehension and retention for corporate training modules. Gamelearn’s contribution to gamification articles is deeply rooted in business training and onboarding practices.

With examples like ‘How to successfully launch a video game training program in your company’ and ‘The 6 best training and development apps (at least one will surprise you)’, you’ll begin to see a bit of a pattern. With a thorough software program, Gamelearn has a lot of information to share on the development process and how to stop users from losing interest.

#7 Bi Worldwide

Posts about 1 article a month

Blog Page:

One of the biggest names under the gamification banner, Bi Worldwide motivates millions of people to take action every day. Bi Worldwide's business gamification platform, leans the company’s content towards employee engagement and incentivisation.

Example titles include ‘How Gamification in HR Improves Company Culture’ and ‘How to Improve Employee Learning with Gamification in Training’.

#8 Venture Beat

Reposts 8-10 articles a day

Blog Page:

VentureBeat is a source hub for news and events around the latest tech and gaming trends. Not being a website specifically geared towards gamification, VentureBeat still manages to post a lot of content that covers different areas of the topic.

With examples like ‘4 keys to making a brand game’ and ‘Kahoot launches mobile app to make homework fun’, VentureBeat manages to remain impartial with whatever topics it covers, as it predominantly reposts articles from around the web that are relevant to their audience.

#9 eLearningfeeds

Posts 2 articles a week

Blog Page:

eLearning is quite a popular buzzword within the world of Education, yet there seems to be quite a divide between knowledge and enthusiasm towards employing eLearning practices.

eLearning feeds is a website dedicated to scouring the internet for helpful ideas, trends and software that are all of use to eLearning and bottlenecking them through their page. A one-stop-shop for all your resource needs.

Being a haven for all things eLearning, the website endeavours to cast a wide net in order to keep readers engaged, with article examples such as ‘Most Important Corporate Training Trends Using Augmented Reality In 2019’ and ‘What can a city do to boost gamification?’.

#10 CentricalPosts around 3 articles a month

Blog Page:

Another example of a business gamification software company that endeavours to cultivate motivation and performance out of employees. This is reflected once again in a blog page that is filled with examples of business gamification content that drives an increase in results from email addresses to sales.

With examples such as ’How to Improve Team Performance’ and '9 Awesome Tips for How to Motivate Sales Teams’.

Centrical's content is very focused and runs parallel to its product offering.


So there you have it, 10 of the best gamification blogs to follow in 2019, to keep you informed and updated of all things trends, case study and software in the world of gamification.

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