Keep your staff engaged with Gamification

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Almost any business can benefit from a gamification program. By introducing game-based elements into the workplace, businesses can boost employee engagement within their work.

Workplace gamification can do more than just drive employee engagement, including helping many organisations develop new behaviours and new skills within employees during training, or helping HR professionals gain a more precise understanding of the current company culture.

There are many different ways to introduce gamification into the workplace. One popular method is to introduce game mechanics such as leaderboards or scoreboards in a sales context to help cater to improve engagement with the sales process.

The attachment of both physical rewards and intrinsic rewards helps motivate employees in their productivity and boost engagement levels.

Seeing sales as more of a game can create a sense of friendly competition among employees and motivate them to improve their performance. Other methods include awarding badges or points for completing tasks, setting up challenges and competitions, and offering rewards for reaching certain goals.

Businesses should carefully consider what type of gamification will work best for their company and their employees.

Keeping your employees engaged at work has been the north star of every manager and human resources department since the beginning of With 70% of the US workforce reporting that they’re actively disengaged at work, it’s a big problem. 

But once again, Gamification is here to help reward employees and provide positive feedback to employers.

Here are three areas where Gamification can boost your employee engagement without reinventing the wheel.


Communication can be a tricky thing in the workplace. When it goes right, it’s hard to know how long it’s retained and if it goes wrong...well I’ll let your imagination paint the picture. With the correct use of Gamification, team communication can be delivered in a real-time, competitive, and enriching way. 

One simple way to approach communication is to give your team the opportunity to give feedback, provide innovative ideas in their own time, and let you know what inspires them, rather than the other way round.

CultureAmp has done just that with its platform. Their science-backed staff surveys and inspiration enablement quizzes are a great, interactive way to have an open discussion with your team around the employee experience - as an added bonus, staff members can track progress on tasks and receive instant feedback all in one place. 

Job Performance

Job performance is finding the perfect balance between hitting your company goals whilst letting your teamwork at a pace that is healthy, fun, and effective. 

A great approach to job performance is to approach it with a goal and reward mentality rather than a metric approach. And once you know what inspires your staff members, using their inspiration as a reward will drastically improve their motivation to perform. 

EvaluAgent has done a great job at integrating this into their sales and call centre platform. With the use of points and rewards, as staff members work through their previously mundane task list, they unlock achievements and rewards aligned with their interests. Pretty cool! 

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Onboarding new staff members.

Onboarding new staff can be a difficult task, without a clear learning pathway and a warm welcome to a brand’s culture it can easily intimidate any new hires. Where Gamification shines is in its ability to chunk down large, formally intimidating tasks into smaller, achievable tasks. 

Leena AI has done an excellent job at this with its integrated AI platform. Their clear pathway for new hires is largely automated by smaller tasks being accomplished. As a newbie ticks off a task, Leen notifies and allocates an appropriate staff member to the next action required. This approach is inclusive, fun, and eases the fears of not knowing what to do on your first day. Kudos Leena. 


If you want to keep your staff engaged, try gamification. It’s a great way to communicate with them, motivate them to do their best job performance-wise, and onboard new team members.

There are countless other ways that Gamification can enrich your workplace, these are just three of our favourites. How have you experienced gamification at work? We’d love to hear about it in the comments! 

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