How to Make a Game without Coding

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Have you always wanted to make a video game but don’t know where you would even start to make that happen? Fortunately, making a game without coding is now as easy as 1-2-3!

Article Index:

  1. Gamify's Game Maker on WIX & Shopify

  2. Gizmo by Gamify

  3. Select a Game

  4. Add Designs & Branding

  5. Launch & Track the Campaign

  6. Benefits of using Gizmo

There was once a time when game creation was almost exclusively built on writing code and complex node-based systems, however, these days a lot of game engines are becoming less code-based and more approachable for designers.

The focus from a lot of these game engines is more on the design and creative aspects of the game building rather than visual scripting tools and programming. This is due to these creative traits being the only skills which will not be automated in the near future. You can read more about the decreasing need for understanding code in Techcrunch's "Please don't learn to code".

Game studios such as Flowlab, Google Game Builder, Quick App Ninja, and Buildbox are just a few examples of the most entry-level game engines out there that help amateur game developers without a background in coding to design, drag and drop, and develop a game they’re proud of without having to write a single line of code.

Gamify has worked tirelessly to provide not one, not two, but three gamification platforms that make creating games easier for users. There’s no need for a full-time game developer to be a part of your team, all that is required is an understanding of design suites such as Adobe and you’re on your way.

Gamify's Game Maker on WIX & Shopify

For those of us that have developed our own websites, there is often a recurring thought that plagues our minds regularly, “How can I get people to stay on my site longer?”. While there are many things you can do to enhance your page, nothing is more effective than an on-page advergame competition.

Creating an immersive, addictive and rewarding game for your page can really help bring your website to life.

Gamify developed an App for both the WIX & Shopify stores to help site owners and eCommerce stores attract more site traffic.

These games can be played on any device, converting from desktop to mobile games. Simply select a game from the library, add your own unique designs & branding, and then launch & track your campaign, it’s that simple!

We even partnered with Happy D. Artist to show you how easy it is to make your own game as you can see below.

Gizmo by Gamify

While the Gamify team love developing games for customers, we really wanted to find a way to equip and empower marketers to create their own advergame experiences. Which is why we came up with the idea to develop Gizmo.

These are the three simple steps to creating your first advergame campaign through Gizmo:

Select a game 

You can choose from our library of popular game templates. Our Game Library is constantly updating and expanding, but what games we do offer have undergone studies to confirm that they are the most effective game styles for the current marketing landscape. The games on offer are perfect when for when it comes to boosting any of your KPIs such as:

  • Lead generation

  • Increasing engagement

  • Leaderboards and competition

  • Distributing rewards & giveaways

Add designs & branding

Customise your game with your own creative assets and branding that you have developed within a creative suite. Through the addition of personalised logos, colour schemes and images, you can create your video game to be aligned with your brand identity. 

If your design skills are not at the level that you would like to convey in your finished product, you can ask Gamify’s experienced art & game design team for help at any time. 

Launch & track the campaign 

Gizmo makes it super easy to add game links to both your website and social media accounts. Either through using an embed link or clicking on the social share buttons. Your advergame has the ability to be present across all of your places of digital branding. 

Once your campaign is live, you can track all related metrics and data through Gizmo’s analytics dashboard. This dashboard can help give you an indication of your marketing campaign’s health and progress.

In this video is a step by step walkthrough on how to develop a game within the Gizmo platform.

Benefits of using Gizmo

  • Easy to learn & use interface, no need to test or code

  • Cross-platform compatible and super-fast loading of games on any device

  • All elements are customisable to perfectly fit your brand identity

  • Clear analytics interface enables you to track all of your advergame campaign metrics

  • End-to-end managed service packages for creation, design, performance and optimisation


Besides their simplicity to build, HTML5 web games are being used as advergames because of their affordability and flexibility as a mobile marketing tool. With no barrier to entry, users can play, register, and replay the advergame from any device. Social sharing helps boost the awareness of the game and the format helps boost conversion rates.

The future of marketing is clear, the future is games, so make sure to give one of these platforms a try, have fun while you’re at it and happy advergaming!

Let me know your thoughts, are there other code-free game platforms that you think I should mention and review?

Get 30% off Gizmo for the next 6 months!

Get 30% off Gizmo for the next 6 months!

Get 30% off Gizmo for the next 6 months!