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Monday, March 11, 2019

Today is “International ask a question day” (March 14th, look it up), so we’d like to take this opportunity to go over some of Gamify’s most frequently asked questions. You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

“What is Gamification?”

Gamification is the process of taking an ordinary task and making it Fun & Engaging through proven game elements; such as 'positive emotions’, colours, peer to peer shares, score tracking, upgrade systems, leaderboards, rewards and badges are all examples of gamification.

Pure Gamification in Marketing is using a video game to engage customers in a fun way, provide education to a client on a new product or service, change buyer behaviour or encourage social shares and “Wins” through public leaderboards.

“What does Gamify’s software do?”

Gamify’s award-winning proprietary software allows users to quickly create and deploy HTML5 games across platforms and on mobile devices without the need to create code.

Our platform makes available to users the ability to upload art files and create playable links that can be placed on company websites. This allows for every experience to be personalised and targeted towards intended customers, in order to receive the best results.

Our’s platform allows clients to keep track of user analytics, from customer engagement through to data hand-over.

We've won numerous awards for our innovative software (which we're rather proud of), including the IBM Beacon award in 2017 and the Microsoft Innovation Award also in 2017.

“Isn’t gaming something high school students do?”

Yes, and nearly everybody else too. Gaming is currently the world's most favourite past-time beating out TV. Over 87% of the world plays games for an average of 88 minutes per day. The average gamer age is 36 years old, with the demographic being almost evenly split at 52% male and 48% female.

“What kind of Video Games do you make?”

All kinds, from basic "Match Games" through to internationally synced Full HD first-person multiplayer games.

“What kind of clients do you prefer?”

We work with small businesses all the way through to giant publicly traded companies, and everything in between. Our favourite clients are the ones who take risks, want to truly engage their audience and wish to give them a fun experience that they'll want to talk about and share. You know, clients to who want to have fun with it.

“Why do people come to you? Like, the biggest names in the world, it seems.”

Gamify was quickly recognised as a company that can simplify the video game and marketing creation process. We won some awards and big brands came after us. Since then these brands have asked us back and told their friends about us which is nice. #Blessed

“How much does a game cost?”

Over the course of 5 years, we've built over 9,700 video games and more importantly built a team of talented professionals who consistently do outstanding work. So, a million dollars. Just kidding, but the point is it costs real money. We're THE premium video game design company so we're not the cheapest - in saying that, we're also the cheapest. We're still yet to be beaten on a legitimate cross-quote. Typically a game cost can range from $4,000 to $25K, although we also work on multimillion-dollar video games too.

“Does this include a video like on the website?”

We do have a videography team who can help you with that.

“Do you work outside of Marketing Agencies?”

No, Sorry! Our favourite collaborations have been with marketing agencies. We are primarily video game designers - not marketers. Marketing agencies help promote the game campaigns, giving them the marketing they need to go viral. We bring our own creativity and game knowledge of what works with each demographic to the table. If you need help finding an agency we can recommend some.

“Do you create Apps?”

No, apps have a very small hit rate. Our CEO, John Shannon used to create apps (including one which is now worth over 1.2 Billion Dollars, “Pushpay”) however for marketing, customers need an open and play game that is accessible across all devices (Samsung, Apple, Sony, iPad, Tablets etc) instantly.

“I work for a Marketing Agency with a client interested in a Gamify proposal.”

Send us an NDA to sign along with your client's details. A proposal usually takes 3-4 working days depending on current work load. After you receive it you can show your clients and if everyone is happy we can jump on a call to walk both you and your client through the process moving forward.


If you read this list of FAQs and find that you still have some questions of your own that you wish to ask someone from the Gamify team, feel free to get into the spirit of the day and ask away. Either write in the comments below or reach us on our contact page.

Stay curious. Stay inquisitive.

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Get 30% off Gizmo for the next 6 months!

Get 30% off Gizmo for the next 6 months!