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About Us &
Our Work


In 2003, while working in his garage, Adam came across a cheat code which ended up sending a message to the future allowing an AI presence to go back in time and take over his computer.

The AI promised him if he took his advice it would would fulfil his dream of becoming the most powerful CEO in the world. The AI instructed him to create a shell for his body and call it "Gami-5" but the technology wasn’t available yet, so Adam did the best he could with the resources available to him. Gami-5 instructed him to create a helmet & the largest technology based marketing company in the world and call it "Cybernet" - but it was taken so he called it "Gamify". It's been 17 years… Adam has become disillusioned by the only semi-fulfilled promise while Gami-5 patiently waits for technical advancements to catch up to fulfil his secret ambition. This is their story... 

Our Actual Story

Gamify began with a dream - "Make Everything Fun".

It all began with one game designer making some games for local businesses and their conference booths. As the dream became a reality, we discovered marketing agencies were wanting to make video games for their own clients. So, we created a software which equips marketing agencies with the ability to internally build their own video game marketing campaigns. Fast forward a couple years and we began seeing a lot of small companies and game enthusiasts asking if they could develop games for their websites, so we created the Gamify App for both Wix & Shopify. It's now 2021 and we've worked with some of the largest brands in the world and delivered over 10,000 games globally, and we're just getting started.

Department Heads

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General Manager
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Head of Operations
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Head of Content
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Head of Media
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Head of Platforms
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Head of Marketing

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Make Everything Fun. From Marketing to Education and Business; we exist to help improve people's lives and to make it easier through the power of 'play'.   

Photo of Client Brands
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Big Names Fun Games

We're proud to have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world to create engaging, affective game campaigns.

Let's Build a Game

"We've loved working with Gamify on two of our campaigns. Their ProTool provided in-depth analytics and total control of our game, its the perfect companion to any marketing campaign!" 


Gamify Every Marketing Campaign

Let's face it, games are fun. And when it comes to marketing your client's product or service, traditional marketing often falls short. Adding custom branded games into your offering will be a game-changer.

*Pun intended.

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From Concept to Launch

We're with you from start to end. No idea is too far or wide and we strive to bring your craziest ideas to life!


Playable on Any Device

Every game we build goes through rigorous testing to ensure that no customer is left out.


Priority Support

We pride ourselves on our support, and make sure every question is answered - simple.

Let's Build Your Game!

Have a marketing campaign in mind? Or just need to find out how we can work together on your next marketing campaign? Connect with one of our awesome team members to get the ball rolling.