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We create and help you create your own branded video games

Heads of Departments

  • john

    John Shannon CEO

  • Kervi-Cioci

    Kervi Cioci Head of Development

  • zac

    Dr. Zachary Fitz-Walter Head of Education

  • NeilBurmester_HS

    Neil Burmester Head of Business Development

  • alex

    Alex Mospanyuk Head of Sales

  • mitch-1

    Mitch Swanson Head of Post Production

  • stephen

    Stephen Knightley Head Of Business Gamification

  • mitch

    Mitch Denton Head of Content

  • josh-3

    Josh Dunford Head of Cross-Platform Partnerships

Our Customers

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How we make a difference with gamification

Gamify is a Gamification Marketing leader that makes engaging, branded AdverGames. Gamify’s award winning proprietary software allows users to quickly create and deploy HTML5 games across platforms and on mobile devices without the need to create code.

Our software has been used by thousands and our base engine is now the trusted back-end for the largest Web Platform in the world, with over 100 million clients; Wix.com. Gamify has won numerous awards for its innovative software and implementations including the IBM Beacon award's in 2017 and the Microsoft Innovation Award's, also in 2017.

Personalised experiences for better customer engagement

Gamify’s platform makes available to users the ability to upload Art files and create playable links that can be placed on company websites. This allows for every AdverGame experience to be personalised and targeted towards intended customers, in order to receive the best results. Gamify’s platform allows for clients to keep track of user analytics, from customer engagement through to data hand-over.

Gamify has partnered with some of the largest marketing companies in the World to produce games for brands such as KFC, Wendy's & Air New Zealand among over 9,700 others.


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