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Wendy's Game

A month-long campaign ran by a fast food chain in New Zealand, that successfully engaged thousands of unique players and over 29,000 plays.

“Gamify were nothing but helpful and an ease to work with during one of my recent campaigns. Their creative & innovative approach was impressive and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to add a fun and engaging element to a campaign”

Keri Brown

Business Director at Dynamo

Why Wendy's approached us

Wendy's is a well known fast food chain with over 6,500 locations worldwide. They are famous for their square patties in their burgers, sea salt fries, and Frosties. The NZ branch reached out to Gamify wanting to create a branded video game - something they've never done before.

The objective was simple- customer engagement and social shares. They were releasing a new menu and wanted to build excitement and a bit of competition. 

The solution

Wendy’s had 3 different objectives that they knew could all be funneled into and achieved through social networking streams. Which is why they partnered with Gamify in order to launch a competitive “Endless Runner Game”, for customers to go in the draw for daily voucher reveals. The prize pool consisted of 30 prizes:

  • 20 vouchers for free Wendy’s Smoky 'Shroom Burgers
  • 10 vouchers for a Wendy’s Combo upsize from Medium to Large
Group 35

The results

The game reached over 9,800 people and achieved 29,517 plays over a 1-month duration. With a completion rate of 98.5%, the game was shared 307 times in social networks and quickly created a loyal daily returning player base of several hundred.

Between all of the voucher redemptions, social shares and unique players of the "Smoky 'Shroom Sprint" game, Wendy's marketing campaign objective of raising awareness around the new menu item was a success.
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