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It takes two flints to make a fire


Gamify’s Agency Partner Program is for Marketers, Designers and other Gamification companies who want to on-sell Gamify’s games to their clients.

There are two pathways for the Partnership Program; the first taking the form of a white-label partnership. The Gamify team will build a game for their partners, which they will then on-sell to their clients.

The second would be taking the form of partners, and being trained to use Gamify's Pro tool in order to increase their product offering to their clients.


Reach, Engagement & Analytics

More than just creating Games

Meet your audience where they are.

With the advancement and integration of technology into everyday lives, the accessibility and audience reach of games has only skyrocketed. The Gaming Community, which was once considered a market of mostly young boys has since been disproven. Male and Female gamers having almost an even share of the market (Males-52%, Females-48%), along with the average age of a gamer being 36 years old. It appears that there is a large, varied group of people with a shared stream in which Marketers can reach them like never before. 

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It's all about the connection.

As marketing continues to evolve and adapt, more and more professionals are recognising that in order for a campaign to be a success, the brand needs to step aside and put the spotlight on the customer. Gamify is well aware of this fact and have built their entire business structure around customer happiness, being the driving force. Gamify's "Engage and Reward" based campaign model has been a measurably proven success in increasing Customer/Brand interaction and engagement.

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We're all about "More".

Gamify's campaigns, when compared to some of their client's previous traditional marketing, has proven that Gamification is all about getting "more" out of a campaign.

Marketing metrics that matter: 181% "more" engaging than traditional marketing.

Driven results: 220% "more" click-through rates to website links.

Brand loyalty: 700% "more" reward redemptions.

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Partnership Program

A new way to engage your audience

Product Offering

Agency Partner Program

Gamify’s Agency Partner Program is for Marketers, Designers and other Gamification companies who want to on-sell Gamify’s games to their clients.


White-Label On-selling

The Gamify team will build a game for their partners, which they will then on-sell to their clients.


Pro Tool Training
Gamify will help partners in the onboarding process, in order to increase their product offering to clients.

Pricing models

Tailor fit to your marketing needs


20% On-Sale

Gamify's generous on-selling partnership program allows designers, marketers and other companies to offer our services & keep 20% of RRP for themselves. It's Gamify's way of saying thanks for telling others about us. 

80% On-Sale

Gamify’s award-winning software allows designers to create and on-sell games quickly and easily. Once qualified in our Pro tool you'll be able to increase your product offering, make your clients happy & keep 80% of the RRP.

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What Our Clients Say

Gamify is trusted by more that 9700 clients and marketing companies. Gamify helps Marketing agencies expand their offerings and reach new clients in a powerful way.

I’ve been using Gamify for my clients and marketing agency and across the board have seen amazing feedback. High quality leads have been generated and I will use again.
Nathan Frater
Founder of Outliers in Orbit, Auckland New Zealand
Gamify understands the importance of how to truly connect human to brand, whilst still understanding the nuggets of technological excellence with programmatic/machine learning to ensure your brand’s communications is always relevant.
Tina Chou
Omnicom Media Group, Europe Director London, UK
I love Gamify. As a marketer, I’m seeing shifts in clients wanting to engage with their favourite brands and games are the ones fulfilling this need.
Klara Kuekmann
Marketing Coordinator, Derwent Executive, Sydney, Australia
Amazing. I would recommend Gamify tools to any marketing agency or any company looking for Branded Games.
Scott Bell
Brown Paper Bag Executive, Marketing Coordinator, Auckland New Zealand
People are playing video games more than ever and we want to be able to offer Game-Markering to our clients. Partnering with Gamify has allowed us to increase our product offering and keep ahead of the competition.
Stephanie Delhey
Creative Lead at Colorstock, Sydney, Australia
“Working with Gamify meant that we did not have to re-invent the wheel when creating a game for our client. The game that we created exceeded all expectations and the support from Gamify was second to none.”
Matt Ellwood
Creative Technologist, True Marketing | Auckland, New Zealand

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