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V Energy Drink

See how the popular energy drink brand was looking to engage customers and promote their latest product, along with their other objective to capture user data for future marketing campaigns.

Why V Energy approached us

"V", being a popular energy drink brand that originated from New Zealand, needed to get the word out about their latest product offering.

Looking to engage with their customer base and highlight their new energy drink in a fun way, "V" partnered with Gamify to create an experience for users that would create product awareness and capture data for future marketing campaigns.

The solution

Gamify created a fun brain-teaser trivia game that challenged players to answer as many questions correctly as possible within 60 seconds, for a chance to go on the game's leaderboard and in the draw to win "V" products.

The quiz was promoted through V's social media channels and embedded on their website. All the while V's sugarfree Tropical flavoured energy drink was being strategically planted across all campaign related material. 


The results

The game was a success, with multiple users undergoing repeat plays in an attempt to beat others and their own scores, resulting in an average of 4 plays per person.

With a large amount of unique data entries, not only did V's product messaging get out there, but they also attained substantial mailing list numbers for future marketing prospects.



Unique player Data Entries



Completion Rate


1.8 minutes

Average Player Time



Total Plays

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