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Gamify is a team of hardworking, fast-moving professionals which take games very seriously. Seriously. Its our lives. We believe in speed, growth, quality, simplicity and serving our clients.

If you want to work with some of the largest brands in the world on a monthly bases. If you want to test and use some of the latest technology and influence the future of gamification in business & education around the world, contact us.

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Heads Of Departments

John Shannon
Co-Founder / CEO
Tony Walden
Co-Founder / Managing Director
Matt Tan
Chief Game Designer
Alex Mospanyuk
Director of Sales
Mitch Swanson
Head of Post Production
Mitch Denton
Content Strategist/Producer
Josh Dunford
Head of Cross-Platform Partnerships
Stephen Knightley
Business Gamification Director
Doctor Zachary Fitz-Walter
Head of Education
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Speed & Innovation

We’re growing super fast, and with the growth of the company, comes the professional growth of the individuals in our team. Everyone at Gamify is encouraged to Level Up in their career. We offer a supportive coaching environment, on and off-site training, and have been one of the first companies in the world to roll out Gamified learning to support constant and continual growth

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We do challenging work, and achieve incredible things. Winning some of the largest software awards is no time to rest but rather a time to continue to push forward and lead the market. We celebrate small and large accomplishments across the whole international team. If you do something above and beyond, our intentional team will know about it.






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We know that creating simple things is hard. At Gamify we fight back on complexity, sweat the details and choose to deliver simple yet great experiences for our customers. We are always asking ourselves “how can we make this better, faster and easier to use?”. If you like making complex software easy for the end user, we would like to talk to you. Gamify’s mission is to bring both the psychology and software of gamification to the world.

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