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How a popular online brand increased customer engagement and gained a better understanding of their database through Gamification.


"The team at Gamify were a delight to work with. We were able to completely customise and design the game to ensure brand fit and visual tone and their turn around time was really speedy too. From brief to execution was just two weeks! Players spent just over a minute on average playing the game – a great brand engagement opportunity and despite this being a brand initiative, we were delighted to achieve such great commercial success."


Founding Director of RedBalloon

Why RedBalloon approached us

RedBalloon is Australia and New Zealand's leading retailer in experience gifts, with over 2 million experience gifts and counting. Being as successful as they have, they set their sights on reaching a new demographic in which to market to.

The team at RedBalloon were wanting to giveaway a V8 supercar experience. They were also wanting to use this opportunity to create a promotion which could help them update their understanding of their current customer base and to expand to new ones.

Read below how Gamify helped RedBalloon reach their goals.

The solution

RedBalloon had an Experience that was somewhat out of the norm to what the website usually has on offer. Choosing to see this as an opportunity, they partnered up with Gamify to create a RedBalloon themed “Race Battle Game”, to help build competition and excitement around the unique experience.

The game was a stream in which players could enter their details at the end each play, in order to submit their scores and possibly go in the draw to win the prize of a V8 Supercar experience, while also gaining a 15% online promo code in the process.


The results

The end game email prompt received 320 sign-ups, showing the team at RedBalloon that the average customer was female, between the ages of 25-34 years old. Geographically, the majority were based in NSW. This information helped RedBalloon understand the direction in which they needed to head in with marketing to their current customer base.

The game reached and went beyond the target amount of unique plays and in doing so, brought forth new customers that redeemed their promo code reward.

At the end of the campaign, an excited winner was rewarded with the V8 experience which she earned through repeat plays, in the hopes of gifting the experience to her husband.



Unique players



Completion Rate


2, 656

Total Plays



New Sign-ups

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