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Pita Pit

How a fast food franchise was looking to promote and maximise their sponsorship and partnership with "The Block NZ" through Gamification.

Why Pita Pit approached us

Pita Pit is a healthy alternative fast-food franchise, with locations in Australia, New Zealand, and North America.

After sponsoring the reality TV program "The Block NZ", Pita Pit were looking for a way to enhance their campaign and customer engagement, which is when they partnered with Gamify in order to create a Gamification campaign that would grow their customer-base, marketing to the viewers of "The Block NZ".

The solution

Pita Pit wanted to create a social media campaign through Facebook, that associated them with The Block NZ. They approached Gamify in order to create a competition based around a “Match Game” that would put players in the draw to win from a range of big and small rewards including:

  • Free Pita
  • Free Drinks
  • 4 Power tools courtesy of Bosch

The results

The game reached over 4,000 people and achieved a 96.8% completion rate across 70,810 plays over a month-long campaign duration. With the average user replaying the game a stunning 17 times, the average user clocked in an outrageous 22.5 minutes of brand engagement.

Facebook related posts received a total of 346 likes, 37 shares and 159 comments, with the most frequent comment being “Addictive!”.

What was originally a campaign based on brand awareness grew into a brand loyalty campaign purely through the addictive game associated with realistic rewards.



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