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How a popular car brand used gamification at a sporting event to build awareness around their Intelligent Mobility technology.

Why Nissan approached us

iSeek Networks is an interactive marketing and media company, specialising in engaging out-of-home technology in the form interactive kiosks.

Nissan partnered with iSeek to create an engaging campaign kiosk for the event they were sponsoring, the Fast 5 Netball World Series.

Which is when Gamify was contacted, to help create a game that built awareness around Nissan's Intelligent Mobility technology, while remaining relevant to the sporting event.

The solution

Nissan wanted to have a way in which they could both bring awareness to their Intelligent Mobility technology and build positive brand association with a fun campaign.

Which is why iSeek partnered with Gamify in order to launch a bespoke “Reflex Game”, for customers to have the chance to win a free some signed Netball merchandise.

The prize pool consisted of 1 grand prize:

- 1 Australian Diamonds Netball Skirt, signed by the entire team. Which was to be announced and awarded just before the grand final.

Netball Competition Photo Opportunity-min

The results

The interactive kiosk, set up in the entranceway to the event's stadium, had an overwhelming level of engagement.

Across a two day period, there was a long line of participants between each netball game, trying their luck at getting the high score. In fact, there were multiple repeat players, all of them more committed than the last to outdo everyone's score.

The game successfully promoted Nissan's Intelligent Mobility technology and brought forth a large amount of brand engagement.


6 - 65

Player Age Range



Completion Rate



Total Plays over 2 days



Avg. repeat plays

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