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Do you have an upcoming campaign that could be enhanced through Gamification?

Read up on the history of our game templates and their proven target markets & demographics, along with playing any of the available games in the library, in order to help you gain an understanding of which game would work best for your next marketing push.

Real Time Leaderboard-2

Real-Time Leaderboard

An in-store display of the current game leaderboard to help garner interest and build competition.



Recording and monitoring user analytics, in order to track campaign success.

QR Code-1

QR Code

Quick scan icons that transform promotional material into becoming ready-to-play points.


Choose and customise a game which suits your business


AUD $5622

Match Game

Knock out rows of figures when you align 3 or more matching images.

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Swipe Game

Avoid dangerous elements while swiping the collectables before they exit the screen.

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Quiz Game

Race against the clock to answer all of the multiple choice questions correctly.

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Bubble Buster Game

Dislodge clustered groups of items descending from the top of the screen by firing a matching object into a grouping of 3 or more.

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Snake Game

Direct a snake to eat the fruit in order to grow, while also managing not to tangle him up or crash into the perimeter.

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AUD $8433

Endless Runner Game

Stay on the path while you avoid the obstacles, dodging both high and low, and left to right.

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Endless Flier Game

Help a character fly through a map, avoiding incoming obstacles and collecting items through either flying over or falling under objects.

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Word Play Game
Race the clock to find as many word combinations as possible within a 6 letter jumble.
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Table Service Game

Create an item to send down specific lanes for approaching “customers”, once they are satisfied, clear remaining items for bonus points and earn in-game upgrades.

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AUD $11244

Video Quiz Game

Race against the clock to answer all of the multiple choice questions laid out for you by the game host.

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Race Rush Game

Control a vehicle, winding through a closed arena style race course while collecting both valued items and weapons to fend off other racers.

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Line of Fire Game

Avoid projectiles from descending enemy players while you return fire with your own weapon and in-game upgrades.

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Endless Runner + Quiz Game

A combination game of both running an obstacle course with multiple choice question intervals.

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Those little additions to a Gamification Campaign that make it the Bee's knees.
Video Promo-1

Video Promo

Build excitement and awareness through both a generic and game promotional video.
Social Media Campaign-1

Social Media Content

Promotional Images and Videos, formatted for social media channels.
Bulk Plays-1

Bulk Plays

Bulk ordering plays on top of the original 10,000 plays, in order to keep in front of customer demand.

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