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Create Your own Video Game

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It's easy to get started!

With our Games App, Adding a game to your own Wix website is simple. Watch our short tutorial video to see just how quickly you can get up and running.

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1. Reach

Meet your audience where they are. The accessibility and audience reach of games has only skyrocketed in the last 10 years.

2. Engagement

Gamify's "Engage and Reward" model has been a measurably proven success in increasing customer/brand engagement.
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3. Analytics

Track and monitor the success-rate of engagements, click-throughs & reward redemptions via Gamify's software within the app.

How to get the most out of the WIX tool

Easy website setup with WIX templates

Create your very own WIX website using a variety of templates.

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Browse the Gamify library on WIX

Download the Games by Gamify app.

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Customise your game and start seeing results

Begin customising your own game using the tool.

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Top questions about the Wix tool

Gamification Marketing is when a brand uses a popular game template to promote a new product or service while offering attainable rewards that have proven to be used, valued and shared more so in comparison to generic handouts other traditional means of advertising often tag onto the end of their campaigns.

We all have feelings, ambitions, insecurities, and reasons for whether or not we want to do certain things. Gamification being structured around Human-Focused Design optimises for these feelings, motivations, and engagements in order to reach a customer with a branded message in a way most standard marketing cannot.

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There is a Basic package (free) and a Premium package ($4.99 USD).

The biggest differences being that the free service is limited to holding up to 5 games on a page, loading 200 plays and surveying up to 200 players.

The premium package, however, does not have these limitations.

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If you wish to customise a game to your liking, you will need to provide your own imagery for what you would like the game elements to look like.
For first-timers, a game could take a day or two to complete but once users have an understanding of how the tool works, games can be built in as little as 30 minutes.
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The Basic Package, being a free service does not allow for customised games to be uploaded onto websites.

However, the Premium package has no issue whatsoever with providing your page with an interesting and unique game for your viewers to interact with.


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