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E learning

How eLearning and Mobile is a match made in heaven

In a time when a global pandemic can catch educators off-guard and bring most forms of schooling to a halt, the need for Mobile Learning is now.

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5 Top Examples of Gamification - Dr Zac

  5 Gamification Examples Gamification has been used effectively over a wide-range of different fields. Including fitness, education, productivity and…

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Gamification: Expectation vs Reality

However successful gamification has managed to become from case to case, the process has managed to carry an aura of mystery and uncertainty over the …

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Social Gamification, Mobile Apps, Personalization - Gamification 2020

Gamification has become mainstream fare for businesses, brands and consumers. It has found its way into groundbreaking science projects and presidenti…

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Gamification in 2020: Future of Immersive Technologies

In 2020, we can expect Gamification to step into a new level of accessibility, functionality and lifestyle integration as it would seem Gamification h…

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8 Technology trends set to transform e-learning

As we conclude 2018 and look forward to what lay ahead in 2019, lets assess which e-learning trends are going to gain traction in the year ahead.

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Why Retailers Should Consider Gamification to Boost Sales At Christmas

We’re fast approaching that time of the year when people argue over whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie, people overplay “All I want for Chri…

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