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How to Host an Advergame in Your Trade Show Booth For The Best ROI

So you’ve decided that for the upcoming trade show, you really want your kiosk to standout so to not get lost in a sea of mediocre stalls and setups t…

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The Four Lenses of Game Making by Tadhg Kelly

For years, both games and their makers have been viewed through the lens of either gameplay or story. This has knowingly been an inadequate view until…

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Video Game Ninjas - Gamify's Top 10 for International Ninja Day

This week is International Ninja Day (Wednesday, December 5th), so Gamify would love to take this opportunity to shine a light on some of our favourit…

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10 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Online and How to Avoid Them

Marketing online isn’t just another promotional option, it should be where most of your marketing efforts are geared towards, in fact it is no longer …

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How HTML5 games and Facebook are helping game developers

Facebook has come a long way from its original format, what was once a simple social media channel for friends and family to stay connected on, has si…

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