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Donut Papi

How a popular local donut shop used gamification to increase brand engagement and their internal database by 581%.

Why Donut Papi approached us

Donut Papi is a small but successful donut shop in Sydney, Australia. They make handmade, gourmet donuts (mmm... donuts) and they've generated
a large and loyal following through both social media and their local community. 

They were looking at increasing website traffic as well as gaining more customer engagement with their brand. Read on to see how Gamify helped them reach their goals.

The solution

Solution: Donut Papi wanted to have a way in which they could both grow their database and create a buzz with their customers both online and in-store. Which is why they partnered with Gamify in order to launch a competitive “Match Game”, for customers to win a free box of donuts 

The prize pool consisted of 1 weekly giveaway:

- 1 full box of donuts (6 total), awarded every Monday to the highest submitted score.


The results

Through a 6 week competition that encouraged players to enter their name and email, in order to potentially receive their winnings, Donut Papi doubled their previously existing database numbers in the first 2 weeks alone.

All the while encouraging customers to play the game on the mounted iPads within the store and potentially beat out the visible scores on the physical leaderboard they had setup. The realistic prizes and 6 weeks of winnings encouraged regulars to repeat play the game in order to try their luck the following week, as covered in "11 Brilliant Digital Experiential Marketing Campaigns: Use AR, VR, and Gamification to get Results" or Marketing Campaigns for short



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