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How to pitch a gamified campaign to your client

You’ve done the research, you’ve read up on the benefits of an Advergame campaign and how a partnership with Gamify can add another arrow to your quiv…

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Templated Games vs Custom Built - Which is better?

So you want to include an advergame in your next marketing campaign… but should you use an inexpensive preexisting game template or do you need a more…

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How to host an effective advergame in your trade show booth

So you’ve decided that for the upcoming trade show, you really want your kiosk to standout so to not get lost in a sea of mediocre stalls and setups t…

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How to shift Brand perception: Set SMART goals

Brand perception is how consumers view your brand and, although it can be influenced by you, it’s usually not without it’s challenges. What is underst…

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Mobile Gaming now makes up more than 50% of the Global Games Market in 2018

Gaming has quietly infiltrated every area of pop culture and as a result has become a part of our everyday lives also. You don’t think so? Those games…

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Why Retailers Should Consider Gamification to Boost Engagement leading up to Christmas

We’re fast approaching that time of the year when people argue over whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie, people overplay “All I want for Chri…

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Why you need to focus more on Consumer Intent

We’ve all been taught that to know your key demographic is to know your target audience, even the team here at Gamify are accountable for spreading th…

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How Marketing Funnel Automation Nurtures Sales

3 Secrets to Marketing, in my Expert Opinion; 1. Have a Clear Customer journey broken-down into actionable steps. 2. Continually ask yourself "Can I a…

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7 Things About Gamification Your Boss Wants To Know

“Wow, this sounds awesome! I'm just not sure how to get my Boss onboard”

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10 things to consider before you commission a game

You want to shake up your brand’s approach to marketing with a gamified campaign. You have an idea for a game that you’re excited about it and you bel…

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