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Gamification: Expectation vs Reality

However successful gamification has managed to become from case to case, the process has managed to carry an aura of mystery and uncertainty over the …

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The Gamification principles within Daniel Pink's “Drive”

“Drive” is the fourth non-fiction book by Daniel Pink. The book was published on December 29, 2009 by Riverhead Hardcover. In the text, he argues that…

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How to Develop a Game without Coding

Advergames are games specifically created to promote a particular product or service, allowing companies to seamlessly integrate ads into digital gami…

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The 8 stages of working with Gamify (Video)

Gamification marketing is a process. It isn't as simple as slapping your companies branding on a familiar game template and waiting for the numbers to…

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How to use Gamification for better Business Results (Video)

Gamify’s video version of Neil Patel’s “How to use Gamification for better Business Results”

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Gamify FAQs

Today is “International ask a question day” (March 14th, look it up), so we’d like to take this opportunity to go over some of Gamify’s most frequentl…

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The History of Gamification

Before the industrial civilisation was established, marketers were experimenting with ways to inspire loyalty in their customers. Over 100 years later…

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What Video Games do to your Brain

For those of you who have grown up hearing from their parents, “Don’t play that video game for too long, it’ll rot your brain”. Lets take a deep-dive …

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What Marshmello’s Fortnite Concert means for the Future of VR experiences

An interesting moment at the intersection of digital entertainment, virtual reality, music, and gaming took place recently. It may just be remembered …

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Advergaming, Transmedia, Brandification and other Game Marketing Buzzwords

The world of marketing through the lens of games, isn’t as simple as referring to any marketing venture as Advergaming. There are varied marketing opt…

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