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Not all games are created equal Pt1.

If there has ever been a myth that has been further debunked than any other in 2019, it is that of game campaigns only appealing to youths and males w…

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How to Develop a Game without Coding

Advergames are games specifically created to promote a particular product or service, allowing companies to seamlessly integrate ads into digital gami…

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The 8 stages of working with Gamify (Video)

Gamification marketing is a process. It isn't as simple as slapping your companies branding on a familiar game template and waiting for the numbers to…

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You vs Wild: The Gamification of Television continues

"Every jungle, desert, mountain that I'm in... every decision is your decision. You're going to dictate what I do." - Bear Gryll’s 

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Why Mobile is beating TV in 2019

People have been dividing their attention between screens at home from as far back as the laptop began to find it’s way into the living room, but the …

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Gamification in 2019: A More Mature Approach (Pt 2)

Gamification has become mainstream fare for businesses, brands and consumers. It has found its way into groundbreaking science projects and presidenti…

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Gamification in 2019: A More Mature Approach (Pt 1)

Gamification Marketing, a term which was once being treated as a flash in the pan trend, may have had a shaky start but has since found it's legs and …

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How to pitch a gamified campaign to your client

You’ve done the research, you’ve read up on the benefits of an Advergame campaign and how a partnership with Gamify can add another arrow to your quiv…

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Templated Games vs Custom Built - Which is better?

So you want to include an advergame in your next marketing campaign… but should you use an inexpensive preexisting game template or do you need a more…

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How Game Advertising Is Built For Consumer Engagement

Advergaming has been around for years, but it’s never been more popular than right now—and for good reason. More and more, consumers congregate online…

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