The Four Lenses of Game Making

For years, both games and their makers have been viewed through the lens of either gameplay or story. This has knowingly been an inadequate view until…

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The Make-up of Gamers: The Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology

When it comes to designing a gamified experience for your audience, there are factors to consider beyond the common marketing segmentation of demograp…

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7 Common Gamification Mistakes To Avoid

Unfortunately, gamification isn’t as simple as throwing in some badges & leaderboards and hoping for the best. It is becoming abundantly clear that th…

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How to shift Brand perception: Set SMART goals

Brand perception is how consumers view your brand and, although it can be influenced by you, it’s usually not without it’s challenges. What is underst…

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7 Things About Gamification Your Boss Wants To Know

“Wow, this sounds awesome! I'm just not sure how to get my Boss onboard”

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10 things to consider before you commission a game

You want to shake up your brand’s approach to marketing with a gamified campaign. You have an idea for a game that you’re excited about it and you bel…

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Why Gamification Marketing isn't just the “Next Big Thing”

Most digital marketing these days is implemented through websites, direct mail and various social network streams, however we’re always looking for th…

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Gamify gets in the Shark Tank

On June 26, 2018, Gamify’s Managing Director Tony Walden and myself (John Shannon, CEO), both made an appearance on Shark Tank Australia, in order to …

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13 Reasons Why you should use Gamification in your Marketing Strategy

In the modern landscape of Marketing there are tried and true methods, flash in the pan strategies, misguided attempts and processes built on buzzword…

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