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How to Develop a Game without Coding

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Changing Buyer Behaviour

Psychology impacts nearly every aspect of a customer’s interaction with a brand from brand preconceptions to decision making and all the way through t…

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What will Digital Marketing look like in 5 years?

In the ever-evolving industry of digital marketing, the need to have great foresight regarding what twists and turns lay ahead for your marketing jour…

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8 Pillars Of Successful Marketing Campaigns

At Gamify, we've discovered over time, across multiple case studies that we could identify consistent patterns being revealed in successful campaigns.…

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Why Gamification Marketing isn't just the “Next Big Thing”

Most digital marketing these days is implemented through websites, direct mail and various social network streams, however we’re always looking for th…

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Gamify gets in the Shark Tank

On June 26, 2018, Gamify’s Managing Director Tony Walden and myself (John Shannon, CEO), both made an appearance on Shark Tank Australia, in order to …

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13 Reasons Why you should use Gamification in your Marketing Strategy

In the modern landscape of Marketing there are tried and true methods, flash in the pan strategies, misguided attempts and processes built on buzzword…

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7 successful Gamification case studies and what made them so effective

As the parent of any small child could tell you, turning an activity into a game is a great way to get them to participate in it. An example of this w…

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How Gaming is taking Native Advertising to the Next Level

Gone are the days of one-sided advertising, today’s consumers are willing to give you feedback on their preferences and feelings toward your brand, bu…

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The Subtle Art Of Optimising Your Game Localisation

As a marketer you need to first know your target audience and what action you want them to take.

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