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Gamification: Expectation vs Reality

The Reality of AR, VR and MR Technology

Being well at the backend of 2018, Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality have well and truly surpassed the murmurs to find that they’re currently at th…

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Gamify’s Top 10 games to play this Halloween

It’s that time of the year, when you’re completely justified in locking yourself away from all the trick ’r treaters, putting on some scary movies and…

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10 Quick Benefits Your Company Can Gain From Business Gamification

Gamification has been a general term that has continued to gain traction and popularity in a lot of different categories, one of the most shining exam…

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Is Activity valid compared to Engagement in Gamification?

This day and age, most Gamification structures have the intent of creating progression within the User Experience. So, what happens when Gamification …

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How HTML5 games and Facebook are helping game developers

Facebook has come a long way from its original format, what was once a simple social media channel for friends and family to stay connected on, has si…

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7 Things About Gamification Your Boss Wants To Know

“Wow, this sounds awesome! I'm just not sure how to get my Boss onboard”

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10 things to consider before you commission a game

You want to shake up your brand’s approach to marketing with a gamified campaign. You have an idea for a game that you’re excited about it and you bel…

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How Digital Marketing Is Influencing Buyer Behaviour

Technology has made our lives both easier and busier in the same instance, we have become capable of doing more in our day-to-day lives at the cost of…

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Flash is over, what you need to know about HTML5

Since the mid 90s, Flash technology had the monopoly on developing multimedia components for websites. Fast forward to today and we have seen Adobe co…

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How Gamification in Business is helping eradicate Unconscious Bias

Have you ever gone for a job that you felt you were perfect for but in the end found that you were overlooked for something that seemed rather trivial…

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