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Gamification: Expectation vs Reality

Bandersnatch: The Gamification of Television

As the streaming service wars continue, Netflix has to be as innovative as possible if they wish to maintain a leading foot in the market race. Black …

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7 More Gamification Mistakes To Avoid

Gamification, when approached without any prior knowledge or research can lead to flawed decision-making and disastrous outcomes. Underestimating the …

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How your Branded Content can be Fun & Engaging

Between the complete saturation of marketing that consumers deal with on a day-to-day basis, and the overflow of local business competing against your…

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7 Common Gamification Mistakes To Avoid

Unfortunately, gamification isn’t as simple as throwing in some badges & leaderboards and hoping for the best. It is becoming abundantly clear that th…

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Fortnite's use of Hip-Hop culture

Intellectual Property has always being a legal topic that has been hard to truly nail down and define. With a gaming giant like Fortnite being the lat…

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Gamify’s 10 favourite Christmas themed video games

It’s Christmas! And Gamify is getting into the Spirit of the season, by giving the gift of a listicle, in the form of our 10 favourite Christmas theme…

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What's in store for Digital Marketing in 2019?

As 2018 comes to a close and we reflect on what achievements we have reached in digital marketing, the time has come to look forward to next year and …

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How Gamification is helping you with last minute Christmas shopping

At this point in time, if you haven’t done your Christmas shopping you’re probably really starting to feel the squeeze (don’t worry, you’re not alone)…

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8 Technology trends set to transform e-learning

As we conclude 2018 and look forward to what lay ahead in 2019, lets assess which e-learning trends are going to gain traction in the year ahead.

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How to shift Brand perception: Set SMART goals

Brand perception is how consumers view your brand and, although it can be influenced by you, it’s usually not without it’s challenges. What is underst…

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