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The 8 stages of working with Gamify (Video)

The History of Gamification

Before the industrial civilisation was established, marketers were experimenting with ways to inspire loyalty in their customers. Over 100 years later…

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How to host an effective advergame in your trade show booth

So you’ve decided that for the upcoming trade show, you really want your kiosk to standout so to not get lost in a sea of mediocre stalls and setups t…

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How Game Advertising Is Built For Consumer Engagement

Advergaming has been around for years, but it’s never been more popular than right now—and for good reason. More and more, consumers congregate online…

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What Video Games do to your Brain

For those of you who have grown up hearing from their parents, “Don’t play that video game for too long, it’ll rot your brain”. Lets take a deep-dive …

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What Marshmello’s Fortnite Concert means for the Future of VR experiences

An interesting moment at the intersection of digital entertainment, virtual reality, music, and gaming took place recently. It may just be remembered …

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Why Brands should be targeting ‘Transformists’ within their next marketing venture

A group of multi-generational consumers that are twice as likely to act upon the content they consume, why wouldn’t you focus your marketing efforts o…

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Five ways to enhance your advergame for greater results

When doing anything in life, you want to yield the best results from your actions. When it comes to a gamified campaign it should be no different, you…

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Advergaming, Transmedia, Brandification and other Game Marketing Buzzwords

The world of marketing through the lens of games, isn’t as simple as referring to any marketing venture as Advergaming. There are varied marketing opt…

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The Four Lenses of Game Making

For years, both games and their makers have been viewed through the lens of either gameplay or story. This has knowingly been an inadequate view until…

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The Make-up of Gamers: The Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology

When it comes to designing a gamified experience for your audience, there are factors to consider beyond the common marketing segmentation of demograp…

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