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Gamification: Expectation vs Reality

How Points and Badges will change your Business

Looking for ways to up your game when it comes to work productivity? Funnily enough, upping your “game” may just be the answer! (See what I did there?…

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Why Mobile is beating TV in 2019

People have been dividing their attention between screens at home from as far back as the laptop began to find it’s way into the living room, but the …

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How to use Gamification for better Business Results (Video)

Gamify’s video version of Neil Patel’s “How to use Gamification for better Business Results”

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Gamification in 2019: A More Mature Approach (Pt 2)

Gamification has become mainstream fare for businesses, brands and consumers. It has found its way into groundbreaking science projects and presidenti…

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Gamify FAQs

Today is “International ask a question day” (March 14th, look it up), so we’d like to take this opportunity to go over some of Gamify’s most frequentl…

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Gamification in 2019: A More Mature Approach (Pt 1)

Gamification Marketing, a term which was once being treated as a flash in the pan trend, may have had a shaky start but has since found it's legs and …

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How to pitch a gamified campaign to your client

You’ve done the research, you’ve read up on the benefits of an Advergame campaign and how a partnership with Gamify can add another arrow to your quiv…

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Templated Games vs Custom Built - Which is better?

So you want to include an advergame in your next marketing campaign… but should you use an inexpensive preexisting game template or do you need a more…

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The History of Gamification

Before the industrial civilisation was established, marketers were experimenting with ways to inspire loyalty in their customers. Over 100 years later…

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How to host an effective advergame in your trade show booth

So you’ve decided that for the upcoming trade show, you really want your kiosk to standout so to not get lost in a sea of mediocre stalls and setups t…

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