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Banana Boat & Hawaiian Tropic



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A powerful and effective collaboration of Banana Boat and Hawaiian Tropic 

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The rules we simple, keep it short and sweet. We played by the rules and the results speak for themselves.

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A clear and exciting reward was the magic that made this campaign a success.

The Why

Banana Boat & Hawaiian Tropic partnered with Gamify in order to create a game campaign that not only informed customers but also incentivized them to know more about their products by being in the draw to win a paid trip to Universal Orlando Resort. 


Our Solution

With an amazing prize organised for players,
the experience had to be fun, simple, and quick enough to keep players on their toes. 

To give players the most brand engagement possible, we kept the game simple and the visuals beautiful. Players enter their details and shake the coconut tree. The amount of coconuts to fall signify entries in the draw to win.

5 Stars

"Great working with Gamify! Appreciate the prompt and detailed responses whenever we had a question."

The Results

The results of our campaign with these two incredible brands are a testament to a clear vision and simple execution. The teams kept their eyes on what was important and it paid off.






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