We partner with marketing agencies to serve their clients with branded video games

Gamify is a Gamification Marketing leader that makes engaging, branded AdverGames. Gamify’s award winning proprietary software allows users to quickly create and deploy HTML5 games across platforms and on mobile devices without the need to create code. 

Our software has been used by thousands and our base engine is now the trusted back-end for the largest Web Platform in the world, with over 100 million clients; 

Gamify has won numerous awards for its innovative software and implementations including the IBM Beacon award's in 2017 and the Microsoft Innovation Award's, also in 2017.


Gamify’s platform makes available to users the ability to upload Art files and create playable links that can be placed on company websites. This allows for every AdverGame experience to be personalised and targeted towards intended customers, in order to receive the best results. Gamify’s platform allows for clients to keep track of user analytics, from customer engagement through to data hand-over.

Gamify has partnered with some of the largest marketing companies in the World to produce games for brands such as KFC, Wendy's & Air New Zealand among over 9,700 others.

Meet the Team

Heads of Department

John Shannon
Tony Walden
Managing Director
Doctor Zachary Fitz-Walter
Head of Education
Matt Tan
Head of Game Design
Alex Mospanyuk
Head of Sales
Mitch Swanson
Head of Post Production
Stephen Knightley
Head Of Business Gamification
Mitch Denton
Head of Production
Josh Dunford
Head of Cross-Platform Partnerships
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Three Offices All Around The World

Gamify is positioned Globally, in order to best serve our clients from all over the world.

With multiple members of the Gamify team working from positions around the globe, our main points of operation stem from the following.


Sydney, Australia

HQ Office 1

Tokyo, Japan

HQ Office 2

Seattle, USA

Sales Team

It's through having a global team that Gamify can guarantee such a quick turn around time in your next Gamification Marketing Campaign.

Across 22 hours of the day, we can have globally positioned developers implementing your game designs and alterations.

What Our Clients Say

Gamify is trusted by more that 9700 clients and marketing companies. Gamify helps Marketing agencies expand their offerings and reach new clients in a powerful way.

I’ve been using Gamify for my clients and marketing agency and across the board have seen amazing feedback. High quality leads have been generated and I will use again.

Nathan Frater

Founder of Outliers in Orbit
Auckland, New Zealand

Gamify understands the importance of how to truly connect human to brand, whilst still understanding the nuggets of technological excellence with programmatic/machine learning to ensure your brand’s communications is always relevant.

Tina Chou

OMD Worldwide, Global Agency of the Year
Omnicom Media Group,
Europe Director London, UK

I love Gamify. As a marketer, I’m seeing shifts in clients wanting to engage with their favourite brands and games are the ones fulfilling this need.

Klara Kuekmann

Derwent Executive,
Marketing Coordinator
Sydney, Australia

Amazing. I would recommend Gamify tools to any marketing agency or any company looking for Branded Games.

Scott Bell

Brown Paper Bag Executive,
Marketing Coordinator
Auckland, New Zealand

People are playing video games more than ever and we want to be able to offer Game-Markering to our clients. Partnering with Gamify has allowed us to increase our product offering and keep ahead of the competition.

Stephanie Delhey

Creative Lead at Colorstock 
Sydney, Australia 

Working with Gamify meant that we did not have to re-invent the wheel when creating a game for our client. The game that we created exceeded all expectations and the support from Gamify was second to none.

Matt Ellwood

Creative Technologist, True Marketing
Auckland, New Zealand

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